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protecting and defending you at work

Reba Weiss has over 30 years of employment law experience, and the vigorous approach of a former prosecutor. Your dispute is her challenge.

Representing Washington’s Hardworking Citizens In Employment Law Disputes

Representing You When

Employer Prejudice Stands In Your Way

Weiss Law Firm PLLC is an advocate for minority workers and stops discrimination.

Inappropriate Behavior Makes Your Job Untenable

Your sex, gender and sexual orientation should not be held against you.

Losing Your Job Threatens Your Livelihood

If leaving your job means signing a severance agreement, go into negotiations from a place of power.

Your Contracts Prevent You From Working

Noncompete agreements can stifle your ability to work and grow your career. Learn about regaining your freedom.

You Face Retaliation For Medical Leave

Your right to medical care should not prevent you from returning to work. Weiss Law Firm PLLC represents recovering workers.

Workers’ Protections Need To Be A Priority

With over half a million workers in Seattle and the surrounding area and a strong economy, workers’ rights are more important than ever. I am attorney Reba Weiss, and I help employees demonstrate their cases clearly and with conviction. I stand in the face of unfair employment practices, discrimination and harassment, and I demand justice.

If your employer is acting inappropriately or your workplace is a hostile environment, let me sit down with you and evaluate your case. I have decades of experience and will not stand idly by.

A Broad Base Of Knowledge And A Robust Network Of Resources

Over the course of my career, I have helped hundreds of Washington’s workers find justice. I draw on my experiences not just as an employment law attorney, but also as a former prosecutor. I understand the nuances of the legal system and what it takes to prove your case in court. I am relentless, both in the pursuit of evidence and in the pursuit of your best possible results.

When you sit down in my office, I take the time to really understand the root issues at play in your case. I then develop a pointed and effective plan to advocate for you. Whether you are best served by going to court or through negotiations, I promise to be on your side every step of the way.

I Know You Are Frustrated.
Let’s Sit Down And Talk.