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Demand Justice In The Workplace

A Noncompete Agreement Could Limit Your Career

When you leave a job, your employer cannot continue to expect the same degree of loyalty from you. While noncompete agreements protect company secrets, they can only go so far in limiting the actions of former employees. Do not let a noncompete agreement hold you back from the rest of your career.

At Weiss Law Firm PLLC, I strive to take your power back when a noncompete agreement stifles your opportunities. Many of these contracts heavily favor the employer. As your attorney, I will advocate for your freedom to draw upon the full scope of your experience and knowledge in your field.

Competition Is Not An Excuse To Hurt Employees’ Careers

Particularly in highly competitive industries, companies may use terms that are so restrictive that employees face consequences such as:

  • The inability to work for their former employer’s main competitors until a specified period has passed, leading to unemployment or underemployment
  • The inability to start their own business or freelancing venture
  • Pressure to remain at the same company in order to keep practicing in the same field, which reduces bargaining power for negotiating higher wages, better benefits, better working conditions or fair severance

Courts and legislators are beginning to call out these serious problems, which can unfairly shift the course of a professional’s career. Therefore, Washington has set limits on these agreements, including a requirement to pay garden leave for employees who are laid off while subject to a noncompete agreement. However, employees may still face unfair contracts and disputes despite these laws.

Before you sign an employment contract, I can examine it in detail to advise you and negotiate for fair terms. Because the terms of a noncompete agreement are often specific to the industry, I focus on how they could inhibit the trajectory of your individual career. I have represented Seattle-based employees in a variety of industries such as information technology, computing, finance and manufacturing.

I Will Protect Your Career And Interests

You should be able to draw upon the full scope of experience and knowledge throughout your career. Your contracts should not have to inhibit your job mobility.

Call 206-508-0149 or email me at Weiss Law Firm PLLC. Whether you want to protect your future when starting a new job or seek release from an unfair prior contract, I am ready to act.