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Demand Justice In The Workplace

Part Ways With An Equitable Severance Agreement

You have worked hard to bring success to your employer. Unfortunately, many Washington companies do not readily share the fruits of that labor when employment ends. It often takes firm negotiation to reach a mutually agreeable severance package.

At Weiss Law Firm PLLC, I insist on reaching a reasonable arrangement as you part ways with an employer. When termination is unexpected due to a layoff or other factors outside your control, I have the drive to ensure that you walk away with your fair share of resources.

Severance Can Make A Difference For Your Life And Career

Severance agreements can consist of several beneficial or disadvantageous elements, including:

Negotiating for maximum severance is not simply about getting the most money possible; it is about helping you move forward to the next opportunity. Severance can keep families afloat between jobs or provide interim medical insurance for loved ones who need ongoing care.

I understand how significant severance may be – as well as how damaging it could be to sign an unfavorable agreement.

My Goal Is To Get The Best Possible Offer For You

With over 30 years of experience, I know how to determine whether a severance offer is truly in your best interests. During the negotiation process, I will examine the legal implications of the offer. My job as your attorney is to give you the full picture of how the package will influence your future job opportunities before you reach a decision.

In addition, I represent individuals who face a dispute with their former employer for unpaid severance. If your former employer did not provide payment or benefits according to the severance agreement, I can hold them accountable.

Call Me When Termination Is A Possibility

Make an informed decision. Leaving a job is stressful for many reasons, but I am determined to ease this difficult situation by securing fair terms and compensation for you. For a consultation in Washington, email me at Weiss Law Firm PLLC or call 206-508-0149.