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Demand Justice In The Workplace

Restore Justice After Facing Sexual Harassment

When you are facing sexual harassment at work, you should not have to stay silent. Sadly, it is common for other people to suggest that you are simply overreacting. However, any form of sexual harassment can do serious harm. You should feel safe and respected in the workplace.

At Weiss Law Firm PLLC, you can trust that I will listen to you. I advocate for employees across Washington state who have faced sexual harassment and discrimination at work from customers, managers and co-workers. I am determined to protect you regardless of what you have experienced.

How Legal Action Could Help You

Sexual harassment can occur in many forms – from making sexual comments to sending unsolicited sexual photos to groping. Employees of any age, gender or sexuality may experience sexual harassment at work.

Despite the country’s recent progress in speaking out against sexual harassment, holding your employer accountable can still be daunting. However, you have likely suffered several types of damages due to harassment. Reporting harassment is about preserving your career and safety.

Filing a claim of sexual harassment with help from a lawyer could result in several benefits, including:

  • The end of harassment, giving you a safer work environment without needing to quit your job
  • Compensation for your damages, such as emotional suffering, unpaid wages, lost career opportunities, expenses of trauma therapy or related medical care, your attorney’s fees and possible punitive damages
  • Reinstatement of your former job if you quit or your employer terminated you as a result of harassment
  • Protection against retaliation for reporting harassment or for refusing unwanted sexual advances

If your case calls for a sexual harassment lawsuit, trial preparation is essential. Through gathering the facts and evidence to tell your story, I will build an argument that reflects the need for justice.

You Don’t Have To Fight Alone

I am here to guide you through this difficult situation. With experience as a former prosecutor, I know how to highlight the wrongdoings of an employer or another party.

Call my Seattle law firm at 206-508-0149 or complete the intake form for a consultation. I practice with compassion no matter what challenges you face.