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Demand Justice In The Workplace

Do I Have A Wrongful Termination Case?

Given the nature of at-will employment in Washington, wrongful termination cases are hard to prove. I have the experience in this area to know when you have a strong case, how to develop your case and how to take on your employer.

I have worked in these cases throughout Washington for more than 30 years and know what it takes to protect you from your employer. If necessary, I will fight for you if the case goes to court.

What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

Some common examples that could result in a wrongful termination lawsuit include:

  • You complain about sexual harassment and get fired.
  • You complain about discrimination and get fired.
  • You become disabled, and your employer fires you rather than providing accommodation.
  • You take medical leave for yourself or a family member’s serious health condition, and your job is no longer available when you return.

One complaint I often hear is employees saying their boss hates them or is singling them out. This in itself is not enough to justify a lawsuit, unless you are in a protected class and they are harassing you for things like your race, gender or having a disability. If you are being discriminated or retaliated against, you need an experienced employment lawyer.

What To Expect When You Come To Me

I will let you know if you have a case. If you do, I will begin fighting for your employee rights. I start by sending a “demand letter” to your employer, outlining the facts of how your rights have been violated and include a demand for compensation.

Fighting cases of wrongful termination requires an aggressive approach, and I am not afraid to take on any employer. I have won cases against large corporations and small companies, and I will continue working on your case to get you the best possible result. You may be entitled to lost wages (past and future), emotional distress damages and attorney’s fees.

Contact Me To Discuss Wrongful Termination

If you believe your employer has violated your rights, call me at 206-508-0149 or email me.